Freedom of Expression

“It turned into art when my experimentation didn’t exist anywhere else. Needlepoint gives me complete freedom of expression. I can treat it like its fluid, like it’s paint. I don’t really like my hands dirty so this solves my problem. I can paint without getting dirty.

I need my freedom, I need to go wherever the heck I need to go with my art. [Coming to the Pines] has become a new environment and new outlet for my artwork. This place just feels like home. When I moved here I thought, what the heck and decided to put an exhibit out there, and the response has been wonderful.”

Connie Pickering Stover has been doing needlepoint fiber art for nearly two decades and the piece she is pictured with, “Not Ready for Winter”, is a 2016 Fantastic Fibers Entry Winner. To see more of Connie’s amazing work, go to