Jill of All Trades

Renovator, genealogist, designer, entrepreneur, businesswoman, artist, sister, mother—this woman does it all. Connie Pickering Stover moved from Arizona to Chelsea in the fall of 2015 after her husband passed away.

“We enjoyed a beautiful 30 years together, but I knew I would have a life after him, so I started planning,” said Connie. “Soon after he passed, I was ready to launch my next life.”

Connie’s husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2005. After he passed, she moved to The Pines to be closer to her sister. Just eight months later, this woman is making her mark in the Chelsea community. She is a member of the Chelsea Historical Society, a 2016 Fantastic Fibers Entry Winner, and the lead designer for the new exhibit and renovation projects for the Chelsea Historical Museum.

Connie had visited her sister countless times in Chelsea, and knew she wanted to become more involved in this community. With a background in web design, marketing, and countless other professions, she wanted to use her talents to help the local community. She went to the Chamber of Commerce and said, “I’m new in town with 20 years of experience in web design and marketing, and I’d like to help.”

“The minute they mentioned the Chelsea Museum, I was instantly intrigued,” Connie said, who used to be an executive director at an art museum in Arizona.

Now, Connie works as the part-time administrator for the museum. Her days are spent sorting through treasures of history, coordinating the placement of pieces in each room, and redesigning their website and marketing pieces. Her graphics cover the museum walls as she works to bring history to life.

This driven woman is also self-aware and understands her need for balance.

“I’m kind to myself,” Connie said. “I take a break when I need to. Sometimes, I will sit quietly by myself just to recharge.”

In addition to her contracted role at the museum, Connie launched an initiative called “Museum Matters,” which helps combat the decline of volunteers through awareness. The group quickly grew from 3 to 14 members in only 5 weeks.

“You can get stuck easily, so I put the pressure on myself to do these things,” Connie said. “They’re self-imposed, that way I see them through.”

With Connie’s help, the Chelsea Historical Museum will have a grand celebration in honor of the renovations later this fall. Connie hopes to show the museum to all of her friends at The Pines.

“I’ve made a lot of wonderful friends with helping hands who support me,” she said. “I can’t wait for all of them to see the museum when it’s finished.”