It’s More Than Just a Job – It’s an Opportunity to be Part of a Family

“The residents treat me like a kid because I’m only 63-years-old!” said Diane Ringo, laughing.

Diane is a direct care provider through Caring Hearts Home Care at The Thome Rivertown Neighborhood. She began working there about three months ago, and it is her first experience working with seniors. Working part-time, Diane spends her day with Joyce Dotson, and they have become good friends.

“We share stories about our life and when we were younger. We even get to know each other’s family,” Diane said. “I build her spirit up and she builds up mine.”

When Diane is not at Thome Rivertown, she helps take care of her grandson or volunteers at her church. Sometimes, she’ll bring her grandson to volunteer at Thome Rivertown, where he’ll play games with residents or join in on social events like the Block Party in August. Though she’s only been working at Thome Rivertown a short time, she feels like she has a learned a lot and truly enjoys getting to know residents.

Working at Thome Rivertown is more than just a job for Diane. She loves spending time with residents, whether they’re heading to the beauty shop for a hair appointment or catching up over a cup of coffee.

“Everyone here is friendly; it’s a joy to help make people happy,” Diane said. “Especially Joyce—she misses me when I’m off work, and I miss her too” Diane said.