The Language of Flowers

Did you know that in the 1800’s, flowers each had a different meaning and were also used to symbolize emotions?

Common books found in Victorian era homes discussed the, “Language of Flowers” (Smithsonian Gardens, n.d.). Within the books, every flower was given a specific meaning. For example, bluebells symbolized kindness, rosemary conveyed remembrance, and tulips showed passion.

Today, flowers may have different meanings but they still mesmerize individuals with their beauty. In fact, gardening and time spent in nature, can be a healing experience as well as promote overall wellbeing (Maller, Townsend, Pryor, Brown, & St Leger, 2006). This is true for all ages.

When strolling around UMRC’s Chelsea campus in springtime, you will immediately notice the beautiful grounds and gardens, as well as stunning floral cutting gardens. Residents are encouraged to cut flowers to enjoy in their apartments and delight in a sunny afternoon with their friends and families. An anonymous donor made the Best Buds cutting garden possible, while proceeds from the 2014 and 2015 UMRC Foundation Garden Parties helped create the gorgeous gardens in both Towsley Village and Glazier Commons.

UMRC’s mission is to promote the wellness, dignity, and independence of older adults by providing high quality and innovative residential and supportive services.  At UMRC, that means attention to even the smallest details, like providing cutting gardens so residents can create their own “language with flowers.”