Focus on Faith – Rev. Jim Simmons, Retired CRC Chaplain and Resident

“We have a lot of love for this place.” Since high school, Rev. Jim Simmons and his wife, Charlotte, have been connected by their faith to UMRC. Growing up in Ann Arbor, they were active members of their Methodist Youth Fellowship group at West Side Church. They remember bringing canned food items to Chelsea Retirement Community (CRC) as part of the annual Harvest Offering. Later, both their mothers lived at CRC – Jim’s mother for 26 years!

Jim became a pastor; Charlotte, a teacher. In 1986, Jim was appointed as CRC’s Chaplain. During his six years in this role, the couple saw exciting growth at the retirement community, including the early years of Wesley Hall, the country’s first assisted living environment for people with dementia, and the completion of Dancey House Independent Living. Today, the couple makes CRC their home.

Jim and Charlotte say they have seen remarkable change over the years at UMRC, but its mission remains constant. “At the heart of UMRC is its Christian focus and concern to provide a healthful, safe, and welcoming environment for all seniors,” says Jim. “In keeping with its mission, UMRC has expanded to reach and serve even more people and communities.”