The Pines Book Club Enjoys Reading and Fellowship

What could be better than cozying up with a good book on a cold winter’s day? Having a group of good friends to talk to about it! At The Pines Senior Apartments in Chelsea, a group of eight to ten residents meet each month to discuss their latest literary favorites.

The group has been meeting since 2011 in conjunction with the Chelsea District Library. Adult Librarian Shannon Powers suggests a list of books and provides a short summary for each to help the Book Club participants choose a book for the following month. Both large print books and books on CD are available from the Chelsea and Ann Arbor District Libraries. Shannon facilitates the monthly meetings and asks questions that prompt lively discussion among the group.

“It has been great to partner with the Chelsea District Library for The Pines Book Club,” says Executive Director of The Pines, Kristy Collins. “The residents have really enjoyed the various librarians who have led the group over the last several years. They always look forward to the monthly meeting to not only share their thoughts on the latest book but to fellowship with one another.”

When asked what participants liked best about Book Club, the answer was a resounding and unanimous, “Everything!” These voracious readers agree that being part of the Book Club makes reading more interesting and introduces them to a wider variety of books than they might otherwise choose. Shannon agrees: “As with all good book clubs, I enjoy reading titles that I wouldn’t normally pick up on my own – it’s always good to broaden your horizons, even if it only means trying a new author or genre.” Recent books read by The Pines Book Club include The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd, Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou, and The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls.

Participants enjoy the opportunity that Book Club gives them to socialize and to discuss the books with each other under Shannon’s guidance. “It’s fun to get each other’s opinions about the books,” Book Club member Lois Gibson says. “I look forward to it.”

“Since we have a few history buffs, we often read historical fiction novels or non-fiction history titles,” says Shannon. “Each time we do, I end up seeing an event or period in a different light, just from talking about it with members who have walked a different life path than I have.”

Shannon says there are many things she enjoys about The Pines Book Club: “The club is such a warm and friendly group that no matter what we are reading it’s always a pleasure to chat with everyone, hear what else people have been reading or watching, and just catch up on news around The Pines and Chelsea,” says Shannon.

To learn more about The Pines Senior Apartments, contact Kristy Collins, Executive Director, at 734-433-9130 or visit The Pines

For more information about the Chelsea District Library, contact Shannon Powers, Adult Librarian, at 734-475-8732 or visit chelseadistrictlibrary