For Kathy, PACE is a family affair…

Before being a recipient of PACE services, Kathy did not have access to medications. Her recovery from a stroke episode was slow. Kathy had few social supports and was often isolated and alone. Since becoming a PACE participant, she has the healthcare she needs. Most important, Kathy feels welcomed and loved.

“Everyone is like a friend or family member to me, I feel at home at PACE,” Kathy shares with a smile. She sees PACE as a “one-stop center”, a place where she can have access to food, medicines, treatment, and friends. She trusts the professional expertise of the various healthcare professions. Kathy especially enjoys the social bonds she forges while participating in PACE’s social events. Activities such as bingo, music & dance and nail painting keep her occupied. Kathy has made many new friends and looks forward to making more.

For Kathy’s daughter, Sherry, PACE is a Godsend. The medical care from a team approach has given Kathy excellent quality of life. PACE has given them both peace of mind. Sherry is so enthusiastic about PACE that she joined the staff. For Kathy and Sherry, PACE is a family affair!