Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Fun for Kids of All Ages!

Sixty-five years ago the first Cub Scout Pinewood Derby was held in California. This racing event gained traction and is as popular today as ever among Scouts who, with the help of parents and friends, build their own cars from blocks of pine.

Last month, the Chelsea Cub Scouts brought the Pinewood Derby races to Chelsea Retirement Communities (CRC) to share with the older adults at Glazier Commons Assisted Living Center.

“This is our third year racing with the residents,” says local Scout leader Lori Campbell. “Each year the boys make a new car to race against other Cub Scouts. This year the race with the residents happened right before our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, so it was a nice chance for the scouts to give their cars a ‘practice run’ before racing against the entire Cub Scout Pack.”

“Residents painted their own Pinewood Derby cars as well,” says Kori Rochefort, Life Enrichment Coordinator for Assisted Living. “It’s an event they look forward to each year.”

“The boys absolutely love the race with the seniors,” says Lori. “Many of them have lost their grandparents, or do not have grandparents who live in the area. So it’s nice for them to be able to interact with the older generation.”

Lori adds, “The boys love how the seniors make a big deal about how wonderful their cars are. The boys are always proud of the hard work they put into their cars and love to show them off.”

The Napoleon Lions Club, with members from Napoleon, Grass Lake and the Jackson area, brought the race track and helped with the event. Member Dale Babcock says his favorite part is seeing the interaction between the scouts and the residents. “The Napoleon Lions Club is proud to be able to serve our local community and beyond.”

For more information about Life Enrichment activities at CRC’s Glazier Commons, contact Kori Rochefort at 734-433-1000 ext. 3704 or visit