Advocate for Older Adults: Dawn Buchbinder Provides Compassionate Care at Thome PACE

Dawn Buchbinder, LMSW, has cared for older adults at Thome PACE in Jackson since it opened in 2016. “I learn so much from the participants,” says Dawn. “They are so respectful and appreciative. At this stage of life, they long for a sense of family, and Thome PACE provides that for them. It’s a great feeling.”

As a social worker, Dawn ensures that PACE participants have the autonomy to live as independently as possible. Thome PACE Executive Director Susan Decker describes Dawn as a “fierce advocate for older adults, checking her moral and ethical compass to ensure the right decisions are made for the right reasons.” Dawn currently serves approximately 50 Thome PACE participants, both in-home and at the Day Health Center.

Part of the Thome PACE interdisciplinary team, Dawn says she loves meeting each day with her fellow teammates to plan each participant’s care. “It’s amazing!” says Dawn. “This only happens at PACE. It’s great to work with such compassionate people.”