Bertie Hubbard, Dietary Aide, Chelsea Retirement Community ‘Caring is Sharing’

For 25 years, Bertie Hubbard from Dexter owned her own daycare and preschool. Today, Bertie serves older adults as a full-time dietary aide at Chelsea Retirement Community (CRC). “Now, I have the big kids,” she laughs.

Over the last six years at CRC, Bertie has built close relationships with the residents and knows many of their families by name. “This generation is missing in my own life,” shares Bertie, whose parents and two sisters have passed away. “The residents are near and dear to my heart.”

In addition to her work in Dietary Services, Bertie also cares for residents and her fellow staff by giving to the UMRC Foundation’s Payroll Deduction program. When asked why she gives, Bertie answers, “Because, for me, it’s the right thing to do. Caring is sharing, and I feel it’s important to give for people who are less fortunate. I strongly believe in what the UMRC Foundation does for everyone.”

A self-described “people person,” Bertie has received ten UMRC Promoting Our Mission (POM) awards. “All from residents,” says Bertie. “That’s how I know I am doing what I came here to do.”