Older Americans Month: Affordable Senior Housing and Thome Rivertown

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy and members of the National Council of Senior Citizens designated May as “Senior Citizens Month”, which would eventually become Older Americans Month. At the time, only 17 million Americans had reached their 65th birthday. In 2000, 46 million Americans were over the age of 60. By 2020, that number is expected to reach more than 77 million (acl.gov). Now more than ever, it is important to prepare and invest in services for older adults. To raise awareness about Older Americans Month and aging, LeadingAge is celebrating weekly topics that celebrate older adults. This week’s focus is affordable senior housing.

Affordable housing for older adults is vital to support an aging population. Thome Rivertown Neighborhood (Rivertown) is the first and only affordable assisted living development in Detroit, Michigan. Rivertown provides a unique opportunity for affordable housing and supportive in-home services available to older adults with low incomes. Rent levels are set to be affordable for persons aged 62 years and older with limited incomes. Tenants can also receive Medicaid-funded services in the privacy of their own home. United Methodist Retirement Communities and Presbyterian Villages of Michigan have joined forces to develop a unique home for seniors with low incomes in Detroit. With long histories of caring for seniors throughout Michigan, both organizations have committed their expertise, compassion and resources to allow seniors with low incomes in Detroit to age with independence, comfort, respect and the care they need. Rivertown promotes quality of life for seniors, supporting privacy, independence and dignity by offering high-quality, around the clock care.

“I couldn’t be in a better place. I’m so thankful,” one Rivertown resident says. Before discovering Rivertown through the Detroit Area Agency on Aging, he was living in an “old place that wasn’t up to par.” Now, thanks to the affordable housing and services of Rivertown, he loves his apartment and is grateful not to worry about anything. “The staff are tremendously nice and always ask if there is anything else I need.  They take good care of me.”  

Thome Rivertown Neighborhood is an innovative example of affordable housing for older adults. To learn more about The Thome Rivertown Neighborhood, visit https://umrc.com/communities/the-thome-rivertown-neighborhood/.