Bob and Stella Wolfe, 67th Wedding Anniversary

After 67 years of married life, it’s hard to keep Bob and Stella Wolfe apart. Formerly of Grass Lake, Bob and Stella now live at UMRC’s Chelsea Retirement Community (CRC).  Stella had come originally for a short-term rehabilitation stay at Kresge Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center and then for long-term care. Bob then sold their house and moved into an independent living apartment at CRC so he could be near his wife. “He spends nearly every day with Stella,” says Josie Pezzullo, Life Enrichment Coordinator for the Kresge Center.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has required finding creative ways to see each other. “When we learned that April 28 was their 67th wedding anniversary, we knew we had to do something special to help them celebrate,” says Hazel Mead, Life Enrichment Coordinator for Independent Living. Hazel and Josie planned a date for Bob and Stella, complete with flowers and an anniversary card. “Bob and Stella were able to see each other through her window and talk over the phone,” says Hazel. “They were so happy they could share their anniversary together.”